is a Revolutionary online platform to create the world's largest Sustainable products marketplace bridging the long standing Gap between Innovators developing new sustainable products and Environment conscious Buyers who are more than keen to Be The Change drivers to prevent a impeding Climate catastrophe faced by Mankind.


Our Vision is to promote a Circular Sustainable economy in every Sphere of Human activities.


Mission of GreenOstore is to help Planet Earth Breathe again, for the only home we have.



Kalpesh Patel

Founder - GreenOstore Global LLP

Post working with prestigious organizations for over 10 yrs in Project management and Leadership roles; Kalpesh Patel decided to move towards his Dream project of helping society become more sustainable and environment conscious. GreenOstore was born with a purpose of aligning the Human activities with UNDP Sustainable Development Goals.

Ramila Patel

Co-founder - GreenOstore Global LLP

With over 9 yrs of past experience, Ramila Patel as a Co-founder of brings a rich domain expertise of Digital Marketing from her past stint at Part of Strategic planning and Marketing Team she is the driving force in achieving the shared vision and mission of our organization.


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