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This pandemic situation around the whole world has shifted our focus to eating healthy food and maintaining hygiene in our homes, kitchens and workplaces. Generally, we need to pay attention to what we eat and where we eat from and most importantly we need to pay attention that our storage utensils are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Plastic has a big effect in our lives, especially in our kitchen. Using plastic utensils, and food containers is detrimental to our health and the environment in the long run. Plastic contains harmful substances that can enter into our body while food and liquid is stored in it and lead to fatal diseases. Also when you use chemical based conventional cleansers they leave traces on utensils and surfaces on which they are used and eventually  enter our body to make it susceptible to diseases. 

Most used plastic items in the kitchen are plastic containers, plastic bags to store vegetables, dish soap bottles, plastic scrub, cleaning brush, food wrap, ziplock bags, single use cutlery, plastic water bottles, breakfast bowls, coffee mugs, plastic carry bags, stirrers, straws. In some places/situations you can't avoid the plastic items when we are travelling, in that case please dispose of plastic properly so it can be recycled to save our environment. At home also keep all plastic waste(bottles, covers etc.) in a bag/basket, and give it to kabadiwala, so it can be recycled and does not land into the sea or landfills, creating unnecessary hazards for land and marine life. 

Here we are giving you the best alternatives to the above mentioned plastic products and conventional chemical based cleansers which are in your budget, are environment friendly and unharmful to your health . By using these eco-friendly kitchen products you will save the environment and your health in the long run.

Top 7 eco friendly home care products, best alternatives to the above mentioned plastic uses.

  1. Chemical Free Cleaners : Chemical free cleaners like Ecosys Cleaners come to our rescue in replacing chemical based cleaners that we are so used to for kitchen and surface cleaning, at our homes, which not only harms us but to our environment too.
  2. Reusable Shopping Bag : Plastic carry bags are a huge nuisance in cities and choke our marine life too. A simple alternative like a cloth shopping bag shall be replaced for a plastic carry bag during our shopping spree. Do check out our RE Earth Cloth Carry Bags for the same.
  3. Glass or Metal Water Bottles : Using metal or glass bottles in place of plastic bottles for our kitchen storage and while carrying water is the best alternative to limit plastic bottle usage.
  4. Cloth or Paper Food wraps : Cloth or paper food wraps in place of plastic should be considered while carrying our food. They are easy to make and sustainable too.
  5. Bamboo or Metal Straws : Plastic straws have a very efficient replacement in the form of Metal or Bamboo Straws which can be used again and again as opposed to use and throw plastic straws.
  6. Natural Scrubs: For dishwashing we can replace our plastic scrub-pads with eco friendly Re Earth Coconut Coir Scrub Pads. They are way more efficient than the plastic scrub-pads.
  7. Bio Enzymes : All cleaning solutions that come to our homes are made up of synthetic chemicals and also come in plastic packaging. Making your own Bio Enzymes based cleaners, with all the ingredients available in your kitchen, can be a great way to replace these chemical based cleansers and save our environment. We will come up with a detailed article on Bio enzymes soon.

These kitchen products are some of the best alternatives to plastic and chemical based products. They are easy to replace and easy on the pocket too. 


It's difficult to shift our current way of plastic consumption 360 degrees altogether at once, but small steps today will help us reach there soon. We are so used to conventional cleansers that we use it even though we get allergic after usage. Now that we have better alternatives, let's use them to improve our well being and have a sustainable living.




Plastic Products Decompose Time Eco Friendly Products Decompose Time
Plastic Containers  450 years Stainless Steel or Glass Containers One Million years(these are reusable and recyclable)
Plastic/Net Bags(Vegetable Storage)  20 years Cloth Cotton Bags About 5 months
Dish Soap Bottles 6 to 18 months Dish Soap Bar Lasts up to 6 months
Plastic Scrub 12000 years Coconut Coir Scrub Can be easily decomposed. Lasts up to 3 months
Food Wrap 1000 years BeesWax Wrap 3 to 6 months
Ziploc Bags 10-20 years Airtight Containers or Reusable Silicon Ziploc Bags Around 3 to 5 years
Cutlery 200 years or more Reusable Steel Cutlery for single use  3 to 6 months
Cleaning Brush About 1000 years Wooden Brush with eco-fy bristles  3-4 months
Water Bottles 450 years Reusable Stainless Steel, Copper or Glass Bottles 1 Million years for Glass Bottles
Plastic Straw 200 years Natural Straw 6 months
Disposable Diaper 500 years Reusable Cloth Diaper Can be used over and over again


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