Bamboo Products in India


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants which can be used for making multiple useful products which can replace a lot of day to day Plastic products from our Life style. We source our Bamboo Products from one of the Best Bamboo Product Manufacturers in India - Bamboo India (Pune). They have been featured in Shark Tank India first Season with phenomenon success in creating an Impact and raising awareness for Bamboo Products.  


Bamboo is Eco friendly in production and easily decomposable. Contrary to other factory manufactured products, Bamboo products have a very low carbon footprint as Bamboo Plant absorbs a lot of Carbon dioxide during its life cycle and also during its disposal doesn’t require any energy guzzling process what other products made out of Plastic, Metal or Glass require

TOP 5 Bamboo Products which you can look out for to start your Eco-friendly Journey;

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush
  2. Bamboo Comb
  3. Bamboo Ear buds
  4. Bamboo Straw
  5. Bamboo Tongue Cleaner

You can Buy Bamboo products Online from our website: 

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